Give us the problem – we accept the challenge!

  • We design, manufacture and install systems according to customer needs. We mention: Bulk Handling construction, runway construction, post and parcel sorting, steel structures such as bridges and truss construction, railings, walkways and much more
  • Solid subcontractors delivering standard and custom machinery used in systems.
  • All types of small and medium-sized st√•lkontruksjoner.
  • We are among the nation’s leading manufacturers of conveyor systems.
  • We provide solutions for managing sand, gravel, crushed rock and bulk goods. Several varieties and sizes, tailor made for different purposes.
  • We have broad experience in deliveries of belt conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, vibrating feeders, air slides, screening machines and ship loaders.

Always on hand

We have skilled professionals in all areas who can solve most problems. It could be anything from steel and plate processing to complex hydraulic devices. The systems are tested during production and are delivered fully assembled to our customers.

In many cases, the products are subjected to reasonably tough treatment. They are designed to withstand this. This is the kind of qulity we are known for. Nevertheless, things can break. It is good to know that all components used in the systems we provide, are in stock.

Since most of our customers also have service agreements, we will always be on hand to ensure flow and continuity in our customers’ production.

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